M’S Sport-Santé, Chaumont-Gistoux

M’S Sport-Santé in the Le Village Business Centre

The construction of the ‘Le Village’ Business Centre in Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium, has created an architecturally unique, energy-efficient services building. Visual accents are set by wood, concrete, zinc and glass. The new building was constructed entirely according to the principles of sustainability: all systems for space heating, air conditioning and drinking water heating are efficient and environmentally friendly. The overall appeal of ‘Le Village’ was exactly what M’S Sport-Santé was looking for and it was also one of the site’s first tenants.

Project data

Completion:October 2017

Architects: Atelier D, A3 Architecture

Building automation planning:Group VHC

Building automation systems: heat pump, solar, photovoltaics

Total usable space at site: 4,800 sqm

Usable space M’S Sport-Santé: approx. 700 sqm

Car parking capacity:120 (outside car park), 70 (underground car park)

SCHELL products: CELIS E HD-M wash basin taps, LINUS Basic D-C-T shower fittings

It’s safe to say that the fitness market has moved significantly upmarket over the last few years. In recognition of this fact, M’S Sport-Santé decided to adopt a novel fitness strategy, as one of the very first providers in Belgium. This ultramodern, multifunctional space for fitness, spa and beauty pursuits is centred on a 500 m² fitness studio. This is subdivided into multiple training areas to provide a safe space for all age groups. The latest training equipment and professional trainers ensure visitors enjoy a one-of-a-kind sporting experience. The adjoining spa area provides 200 m² of sauna, sanarium and Turkish bath facilities for members to relax. The M’S beauty complex is right next door, with services including cosmetic treatments and massages from head to toe. A visit to M’S Sport-Santé aims to balance out physical activity with relaxation while harmonising body and soul.

As with any sports and spa facility, good indoor air quality, pleasant lighting and water on tap are all-important. Which is why the sanitary facilities at M’S Sport-Santé are also of a very high quality. All wash basins and showers have been fitted out with electronic SCHELL sanitary fittings in a simple, minimalist design. These meet the high standards of facility management while also creating an elegant and refined ambience for visitors. Last but not least, the fittings also ensure full compliance with standards for hygiene, cost effectiveness and usability.

The elegant contours of the CELIS E tap give the wash basin a touch of luxury. Making this fitting perfect for a better class of semi-public sanitary facilities. Infrared sensors permit contactless operation, guaranteeing water- and energy-saving use without compromising user comfort.

With its subtle, clean lines, the LINUS Basic shower fitting pays homage to the trend for understatement. With the D-C-T variant, water flows and stops at the touch of a finger thanks to the responsive, CVD touch electronics. After the configured flow time has expired, the flow of water stops automatically to ensure that no water is wasted. The shower fitting’s built-in thermostat features a hot water shutoff set to 38 °C to protect against scalding.

Apart from an appealing overall ambience and economical usage, these modern Schell fittings also offer significant health and ecological benefits. Their built-in electronics enable automatic stagnation flushes, for example, which ensure safe and hygienic drinking water at all times. With their reliable sensor and CVD technology, the fittings conserve resources, which also reduces running costs. At the same time, the rugged housings used for the fittings, with their high-quality chrome finishes, make them dirt-repellent, easy to clean, and resistant to bumps and scratches. All in all, the SCHELL fittings used for M’S Sport-Santé can look forward to a long service life.