HUNGEXPO Conference and Exhibition Centre, Budapest

As part of a remodelling project costing EUR 170 million, this conference and exhibition centre in Budapest was renovated, modernised and extended by several new buildings over the space of two years.

Project data

Conference and exhibition centre

Completion: September 2021

Architects: Finta-Studio

Site size: 36 ha

Exhibition space: 70,000 m²

SCHELL products: MODUS E wash basin tap, MONTUS WC module, MONTUS accessible WC module, MONTUS TOWER WC operating panel, MONTUS urinal module, EDITION E urinal control

The five existing complex buildings were given new floor coverings and a facade facelift. Complementing these five are two completely new, ultramodern exhibition halls, a new reception building and a conference centre. Occupying a 36-hectare site and offering over 70,000 m² of exhibition space, the modernisation project now complete at HUNGEXPO has transformed it into Hungary’s largest trade fair venue as well as the largest multipurpose expo and conference centre in Eastern Europe.

A modern, central location

Located just 15 minutes by car from downtown Budapest and 20 minutes from the airport, the expo centre offers the very latest in event infrastructure with quick and straightforward handling for exhibitors. The aim is to host around 30 trade fairs and more than 200 conferences every year, attended by an estimated 12 million visitors, as well as other events such as seminars, galas and concerts. Roofed walkways between the various buildings offer an optimum level of connectivity and convenience.

The new main building in this high-tech event complex, with an entrance hall on the ground floor and HUNGEXPO offices on the second and third storeys, offers ample space for receiving visitors, ticketing and registration, as well as shops and restaurants. On entering the arrival hall, visitors are immediately struck by its memorable architecture: the building envelope is axially symmetrical to 120° and, from a bird’s eye view, features three identical wings that together form a propeller. With its characteristically dynamic, flowing structure, the new main building is definitely the architectonic eye-catcher on the trade fair site.

When it came to equipping the HUNGEXPO sanitary facilities, the project developers were looking for the highest standards of hygiene, reliable operation and a minimalist, elegant design. A choice was therefore made to install almost 300 of SCHELL’s MODUS E electronic and water-saving wash basin taps (predecessor models to the current product), which reflect the modern and linear look-and-feel of this trade fair complex. In addition, over 300 MONTUS WC modules with matching MONTUS TOWER WC operating panels in a matte chrome finish were installed, as well as more than 150 EDITION E urinal controls in the male toilets. With their minimalist design, these fittings blend subtly and yet elegantly with their surroundings, rounding off the high-quality, premium look pursued by HUNGEXPO as a venue.

Safe and automatic contactless operation

To fulfil the required hygiene standards, the HUNGEXPO project developers needed a dependable solution for day-to-day operations at the site. The chosen solution needed to offer reliable prevention of water stagnation while helping to maintain drinking water quality. The contactless electronic fittings installed in Hungary help to keep conditions hygienic in the sanitary facilities operated by semi-public, public and commercial buildings. Since the flow of water is activated without physical contact, this significantly reduces the risk of bacterial or viral transmission. This not only maintains drinking water hygiene but also improves hygiene for users.