Europahalle, Karlsruhe

The Europahalle is a major sports hall in Karlsruhe that offers space for 9,000 spectators. 

Project data

Conversion/new-build: 2005 to 2006

2,200 sqm usable space 

9,000 capacity (standing and seated)

Project developers: Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, COMPACT HF urinal control (Please note: this project made use of the old product version. Go here for details of our new product.)

The Europahalle comprises a main hall with four training areas (2,200 m² usable space), a 200 m tartan track, a track-and-field training area, a weights room and a warm-up hall measuring 27 m x 15 m. With seating for 6,500 (2,800 fixed seats on the stands, 1,200 seats using configurable stand sections and 2,500 seats with extra stand seating) and standing room for 2,500 spectators, the facility has a total capacity of 9,000 (standing and seated).

Renovation work in 2005 added a sauna with changing rooms, a lounge with 14 changing cubicles (two of which fully accessible), each with shower and WC, together with three referee changing rooms with shower and WC. The water-saving SCHELL PURIS electronic wash basin tap and the SCHELL COMPACT HF urinal control were installed in these facilities. As a result of the daily, high-intensity use of the building, taps and fittings were required that were both economical and extremely reliable. As the Europahalle not only plays host to sporting events but is also used to stage large-scale concerts, developers Stadtwerke Karlsruhe were looking to install vandal-proof urinal fittings as part of building renovations.

Unlike radar controls, the fittings sensor does not detect user movement but instead monitors the inside of the urinal bowl. A flow of liquid is detected inside the bowl and the fitting therefore triggers a flush once the flow has stopped. Every 24 hours, a hygiene flush is triggered in order to avoid the odour trap drying out.