Erfurter Hof, Erfurt

LEG Thuringia

Located on Willy-Brandt-Platz in Erfurt, Erfurter Hof is a former hotel belonging to the Interhotel chain. In 1970, the first East-West German summit was held here between Willy Brandt and Willi Stoph.

Project data

Size: 350 beds

10,000 m²

40 WCs and washrooms 

Project developers: Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH (LEG)

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, PURIS SC self-closing wash basin tap, COMPACT HF urinal control (Please note: this project made use of the old product version. Go here for details of our new product.)

After reunification, unsuccessful attempts were made to keep the hotel running. The hotel closed for good on 30 June 1995. The building stood empty until 2004. Extensively renovated between 2004 and 2007, the building reopened on 8 September 2007 – now no longer as a hotel, but housing shops, pubs and offices instead.

Conversion work created 40 new sanitary facilities, most of which are equipped with quality urinal and wash basin taps and fittings from SCHELL. In the WCs and washrooms provided for the dance club and hospitality area, vandalism can be a problem, which developers wanted to nip in the bud. Contactless fittings and self-closing taps are well-protected against misuse or wanton destruction. And there was another argument for installing premium fittings technology at Erfurter Hof: visual appeal. After all – sanitary facilities are always the calling card for any establishment. Accordingly, the aim was to present elegant fittings offering reliable functionality to patrons, for their convenience and ease of use.

Last but not least, rising costs for water and wastewater were another factor in choosing fittings that could offer cost-saving functions. In the redesigned sanitary facilities, SCHELL’s COMPACT HF urinal control together with the SCHELL PURIS electronic wash basin tap and PURIS SC with self-closing function were installed. These SCHELL wash basin taps are characterised by their sophisticated technology, rugged construction and award-winning design. While the self-closing PURIS SC taps were installed in the sanitary facilities for the dance club and around half of the office and administration areas, the building planners chose the electronic variant of the PURIS tap for the sanitary facilities in hospitality.