Erfurt Airport

The airport lies about six kilometres west of Erfurt’s city centre, in the district of Bindersleben. Since reunification, the public purse had invested around EUR 220 million in Erfurt Airport by 2004. 

Project data

Renovations: 2000

SCHELL products: PURIS SC self-closing wash basin tap, COMPACT HF urinal control (Please note: this project made use of the old product version. Go here for details of our new product.)

In 2004, a total of 546,975 passengers passed through the airport, with this figure being around 506,000 for 2003. This increase was largely a result of the daily Ryanair flights between Erfurt and London Stansted. Since 21 June 2005, the airport has been easier and more convenient to reach with public transport from the city centre, thanks to the completion of a new section of the city’s urban light railway.

SCHELL’s PURIS SC self-closing wash basin tap stops the flow of water automatically after having been triggered. Accordingly, visitors do not need to touch the tap again after washing their hands. Before use, the rotary mechanism can be used to adjust the flow of hot water to a pleasant temperature. As a result, Erfurt Airport not only saves a lot of water but this one-touch operation is also appreciated by patrons looking for a high level of hygiene.

Hygienic considerations also guided the decision to install SCHELL’s COMPACT HF urinal control. The urinal flushes without any direct customer contact and therefore significantly improves hygienic conditions. The urinal mechanism also has effective protection against vandalism.