Düsseldorf Airport

SCHELL products in the lounge

Airline lounges are the lounge facilities that are found in most international passenger airports. Their only purpose is to give a specific group of travellers somewhere to sit while they are waiting.

Project facts and figures

Property type: Airport

Requirements: Conversion/new-build

Completion date: 2006

Location: Düsseldorf

Country: Germany

Size: 340 seats

Architects: Max Mustermann

SCHELL products: PURIS E electronic wash basin tap, COMPACT Infra urinal control (Please note: this project made use of the old product version. Go here for details of our new product.)


The PURIS E electronic wash basin tap immediately catches the eye with its elegant design. The housing is made entirely from brass, which means it is particularly well-protected from vandalism. Alongside its visual appeal, the fitting also offers a number of superior technical features: its contactless operation reduces water consumption by up to 75 percent when compared with a twin-handle fitting, for example. This functionality also offers users an optimum level of convenience and hygiene. Routine stagnation flushes also guarantee effective protection against biofilm formation during longer periods of non-use.


The COMPACT INFRA urinal control also requires no manual actuation. Instead, the electronics detect users automatically by means of an infrared control and then initiate the flush process. This ensures optimum user comfort while keeping water consumption low. To avoid the formation of biofilms, an automated stagnation flush can also be activated, which once again ensures a high standard of hygiene. With products from SCHELL, British Airways can ensure that the needs of its sophisticated airline passengers are also met in the lounge’s sanitary facilities.

SCHELL products

The basic idea is for airlines to provide a special lounge as an add-on service to improve loyalty in the premium segment. British airways aims to use its concept of ‘terrace lounges’ to offer its frequent flyers (whether ‘premium cabin travellers’ or ‘Gold and Silver Executive Club members’) a comfortable and luxurious place to unwind before or after longer flights.

One of these high-class lounges was opened at Düsseldorf Airport in 2006. At the bar, passengers have the option of ordering beverages like wine, fruit juices or a cappuccino. Airline passengers are also encouraged to make use of a stress-relieving complementary massage. These British Airways lounges – in various different formats – have since spread to airports all over the world.