Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4, Warsaw

In downtown Warsaw, architects Murphy/Jahn created a skyscraper in the neomodern style.

Project data

Completion date: 2010 to 2014

Architects: Helmut Jahn, Murphy/Jahn Architects, Chicago/Berlin

Interior design: Magdalena Dusińska and Magda Jeziorowska, Studio de novo, Warsaw

Building floor area: 32,000 m²

Building height: 160 m

Floors: 44

Primary use: 236 luxury apartments

Other uses: Fitness studio, retail space, parking

SCHELL products: EDITION design siphon, PINT design regulating angle valve

This is the second-tallest apartment block in the capital city and also the third-tallest in Poland. The new high-rise was constructed next to multi-storey residential blocks built in the 1960s. In designing the structure, Helmut Jahn was guided by the idea that urban architecture documents contemporary events and that building styles from different epochs can coexist harmoniously with one another.

Jahn succeeded in creating a high-tech architecture that neither competes with nor dominates downtown Warsaw. Part of this is also due to the various uses of the Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4, with its lively and inviting base levels: the ground floor houses a generously proportioned retail and service area, while offices occupy the three storeys directly above. The remaining floors are taken up by exclusive residential units. This is a sought-after address, and the fixtures and fittings reflect this. In terms of size, the apartments vary between 54 and 500 m². Floor-to-ceiling windows on all levels provide a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Eye-catching design and first-class product quality were also key aspects when fitting out the bathrooms and guest WCs. Alongside marble and the finest ceramics, the attention to detail is also exceptional. For the wash basins, the interior architects chose design angle valve and siphons from Olpe-based SCHELL, the world’s leading angle valve manufacturer. With their confident, elegant style, the subtle yet clear-cut design of these angle valves and siphons blends into the overall appearance of the washing facilities as an integral part of each of these beautiful bathrooms.

The PINT design angle valve consists of a high-quality, chrome-finished solid fitting body. With its matching, large 54 mm rosette, this is an unusually long variant for a push rod. The transition to the solid brass cone compression connection is flush with the drain stub. A grease chamber head part ensures the smooth operation of the slim lever handle and exact regulation of the water quantity. The fitting has noise class I – which is standard for SCHELL.

The EDITION siphon in polished brass perfectly matches requirements both in terms of functionality and design. With its high-gloss chromed brass rosette, fitted with a slide ring, it coordinates perfectly with the PINT angle valves and ideally complements the overall bathroom and WC decor.