Cambon d’Albi School Centre

Mairie de Cambon d’Albi

The children in the community of Cambon d’Albi in southern France have just gained a new educational establishment: in early 2015, the new School Centre opened with five primary classes plus a nursery school with three classes.

Project data

New-build project

Construction time: 2012 to September 2014

Architects: Alliage Architectes, Albi

Plot size: 1,720 m²

Construction costs: EUR 3.2 million

SCHELL products: PURIS SC HD-M self-closing wash basin tap, PETIT SC HD-K pillar valve, PETIT SC HD-K wall outlet, SCHELLOMAT BASIC exposed WC flush valve

This flagship school within the community, occupying an area of some 1,700 sqm, was not built simply to cram in as many kids as possible but to create an open and inviting school where they could teach children basic values like broad-mindedness, tolerance and harmony, while offering them a high-quality place of learning. Constructed to bioclimatic design principles, the building structures guarantee a high level of healthy materials, safety, accessibility and comfort, and are connected by a large communal school canteen. All classrooms are south-facing and equipped with large glazed areas in the building facade. This achieves considerable energy savings by maximising the use of daylight. The school’s own rainwater tank has a capacity of nearly 10,000 l.

In the School Centre’s sanitary facilities, wash basin taps featuring durable, self-closing mechanisms from SCHELL were exclusively installed. All models feature operational benefits such as ample water savings and robust housings that protect against vandalism. The water flow time can be adjusted across a wide range and is controlled by innovative plastic cartridges. The high-quality chrome surfaces are also particularly resistant to soiling and limescale.

With the PURIS SC fittings in the accessible WCs, individuals with mobility impairments find it simple to adjust the water to a pleasant temperature, quickly and precisely. Just the lightest of pressures with the palm of the hand on the fitting cover triggers the time-controlled flow of water.

The wash basins in the other sanitary facilities were equipped with fittings from the PETIT SC range, in two cold-water variants: a pillar valve for school staff and a wall outlet version for the pupils. This compact and robust pillar tap has been specially designed for small and medium-sized wash basins. The tap blends seamlessly into the various styles found in modern sanitary facility design and responds quickly to soft pressure on its push-head.

The practical wall outlet version with a 70 mm spout ensures that the wash basins used by the pupils can stay cleaner longer and are also easier to clean. If required, an extension is available, which takes the outlet length to 130 mm. Alongside water-saving features, the pre-configured water flow time offers protection against tampering and flooding due to running taps left unattended. Pupils can also fill containers without needing to be supervised and the wall mounting also protects wash basins from splashes and soap residues on the edge of the basin.

The SCHELLOMAT BASIC WC flush valves in the WCs are also durable and low-maintenance, offering reliable functionality and prompt flushing even when heavily used. The vandal-proof, all-metal fitting is also very easy to install. The timeless, elegant design is coordinated with the SCHELL product lines used on the wash basins.