Auchan City, Bucharest

The real estate industry is booming in Romania. Many modern shopping centres have also been built in recent years. As many as five new shopping malls open in Bucharest alone every year. More than 1.9 million people live in Romania’s capital city. The range of choice and time savings offered by department stores are now increasingly popular.

Project data

Construction time: 6 months

Opened: December 2012

Finalisation and completion: June 2013

Developer: New Europe Property Investors (NEPI)

SCHELL products: PURIS SC HD-M self-closing wash basin tap

To improve shopping facilities for residents of Crangasi, in the 6th Sector of Bucharest, a new and prestigious retail complex, Auchan City Crangasi, was constructed close to the downtown Lacul Morii reservoir and with good connections to the public transport network. With 5,000 sqm of retail space and a mall offering another 2,400 sqm, the complex offers an outstanding shopping and services experience.

When equipping the sanitary facilities for employees and customers, the NEPI investment group focused in particular on a welcoming ambience and sanitary fittings capable of offering a level of hygiene suitable for heavily used facilities combined with lasting functionality as well as cost-effectiveness.

The vandal-proof, all-metal PURIS SC-M fitting with temperature controller proved to be a favourite for equipping sanitary facilities in Auchan City Crangasi. The fitting is ideal for sanitary facilities with fewer personnel and provides patrons with hot water at just the right temperature. This self-closing fitting also helps to ensure long-term cleanliness for any washroom, with its exceptionally dirt- and limescale-repellent chrome surfaces as well as its linear, cleaning-friendly geometry.

At the heart of the fitting is its durable plastic cartridge, which facilitates the tap’s easy handling: just the lightest of pressures on the fitting cover triggers the time-controlled flow of water. Thanks to the aerator, this flow is soft and voluminous, and exits the fitting with a highly economical flow volume of just 5 l of water a minute. The flow time can also be preconfigured to any value between 2 and 15 seconds, which offers plenty more potential to save on water consumption. In this combination, PURIS SC-M meets the stringent requirements of the ‘Public’ European WELL category.

The high-quality plastic cartridge also helps to ensure rapid and precise maintenance and servicing work, since it can be easily removed as a complete part and then simply replaced as required.