Aayush Park, India

SCHELLOMAT exposed WC flush valve in sustainable luxury residential area

A luxury lifestyle with all mod cons: in the Indian city of Talegaon, a high-end residential complex is being built that is as sustainable and energy efficient as the luxury and creature comforts it offers. SCHELL’s industry-standard SCHELLOMAT WC flush valve is part of this integrated architectural concept.

Project data

Property type: Residential building

Requirements: New-build project

Completion: 2024

Place: Talegaon (Pune)

Country: India

Developer: Earnest Group

Interior design: DWP Interics Pvt. Ltd.

Size: 347 residential units

SCHELL products: SCHELLOMAT Basic ND exposed WC flush valve


Part of the sustainable conceptual design of Aayush Park III includes treating the drinking water so it can be used for work in the garden as well as flushing the WCs. To avoid stagnation and bad odours, the developers needed a WC flushing system capable of flushing continuously and reliably. Another challenge was the sheer size of the development: with 347 units, Aayush Park III is the largest residential complex in its neighbourhood. The sanitary equipment in the baths in the apartments and in the areas like the fitness studio, common room, etc. – also open to the public in some cases – needed to be of a premium, robust quality in order to stand up to day-to-day use. Last but not least, the WC flushing system needed to be economical in consumption to meet the project’s sustainability requirements.


A total of 535 SCHELLOMAT Basic exposed WC flush valves with low-pressure flushing were installed. With its elegant contours, low water consumption and robust design, this industry-standard WC flush valve is a perfect fit for the well thought-out and sustainable design concept implemented at Aayush Park III. Just like any other SCHELL WC exposed flush valve, the SCHELLOMAT offers reliable flushing at any time, which is especially useful in such a large-scale project with 347 residential units. Thanks to its rugged, all-metal design with a brass push button, this exposed flush valve is easily able to handle day-to-day use. The integrated self-closing cartridge is made of a corrosion-resistant, high-performance polymer to ensure reliable operation. To prevent blockages in the nozzle bore, the cartridge also features an automatic nozzle cleaning needle that is activated with every flush. A filter screen provides additional protection against soiling.

Nestling in the hills of Varale village, in the heart of the Indian city of Talegaon, one of the area’s largest and most modern residential complexes is set to open in 2024. Dubbed Aayush Park III, this ambitious construction project consists of three towers housing a total of 347 residential units, which are arranged in a triangle around a central courtyard. In approaching the design of this residential centre, the architects and landscape gardeners have pursued a holistic and sustainable strategy that focuses not only on maximising energy efficiency but also on promoting a premium and luxury lifestyle.

At Aayush Park III, a clubhouse plus fitness room and yoga terrace, a swimming pool, a children’s play area, a multi-sports centre, and spacious lawns and grounds are just some of the many amenities on offer. A total of 171 single-bedroom apartments and 176 two-bedroom apartments offer between 32 m² and 43 m² of well laid-out, modern residential space for singles, couples and small families. With particular attention paid to planning the development – including creating a micro ecosystem by planting scented gardens, the use of solar power for electricity and hot water, and a rainwater collection system – the project also has a clear strategy to support sustainability.