A safe start to spring with the POLAR II!

3-minute read

Springtime! Plants shoot up out of the soil and – sometimes – water also shoots out of the walls. All because the water wasn’t turned off in winter. If temperatures drop below freezing in winter, this can often cause a pipe to burst without being noticed. But there is a better way. You just need to make a few changes and, ideally, use the springtime not only to get your garden in order but also to sort out your outdoor taps. With the frost-proof POLAR II outdoor tap from SCHELL, you won’t have any unwelcome surprises, since the tap empties itself automatically after each use. So it then doesn’t matter if you turn off the water or not. The tap is not only practical and convenient but also so durable that it will give you peace of mind in your garden for a great many years.

Protects your pipes

The tap’s automatic emptying feature offers a huge advantage: pipes are protected against freezing water and therefore cannot burst. To add an extra level of security, the tap can be equipped with a square-drive socket and COMFORT handle or with a SECUR handle to prevent unauthorised use. This can be useful to prevent the theft of water on commercial properties – or flooded school playgrounds after kids have been playing with a tap!

Well-prepared for frost and wear

With the POLAR II outdoor tap installed at outdoor tap points on the patio, in the garage or in the garden, these points no longer need to be drained or shut off before the winter season. Without water, there’s no chance of frost, and even wear and tear is reduced, since the innovative forced air circulation mechanism ensures that the tap is drained automatically each time it closes. All of this makes POLAR II into a practical, durable and sustainable outdoor fitting, which is also very convenient in terms of maintenance. Instead of the typical flat gasket, a practical O-ring is used instead to seal the tap. For maintenance, all you need do is pull out the spindle.

Get ready today

Use the pleasant spring weather to get ready for the winter and install a frost-proof fitting at your outdoor tapping points. You’ll be glad you did.