Scheduled flushes for hygiene at Schwarzenberg Hospital

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In buildings that are used by people with health problems, facility managers need to be able to rely more than ever on scheduled stagnation flushes. Only these kinds of flush operations can offer the best-possible support for maintaining drinking water hygiene and therefore user health. This was the reason for installing multiple electronic wash basin taps from SCHELL in the Schwarzenberg Hospital in Austria. With more than 180,000 patient contacts every year, the Kardinal Schwarzenberg hospital in Pongau offers interdisciplinary treatment options with a focus on attentive and dignified care. Over 50 outpatient clinics and 14 departments run by senior consultants offer a wealth of treatment options for patients. 

Stringent hygienic requirements need VITUS

Alongside healthcare, hygiene forms another important pillar of hospital life. With such a large volume of patient contacts, electronic fittings from SCHELL, which can be operated without manual contact, make an important contribution here to user hygiene. This minimises the potential contamination of surfaces as well as viral and bacterial transmission. Overall, six SCHELL VITUS VW-E-T electronic wash basin taps, including the VITUS Bluetooth® module, have been installed at the hospital. Hospital managers were particularly impressed by the option of configuring automatic stagnation flushes with corresponding logging. 

Scheduled stagnation flushes with full record-keeping 

Using the VITUS Bluetooth®module, parameters for the VITUS taps can be set so that stagnation flushes take place automatically at certain times of day. In a busy hospital, this is a valuable contribution to maintaining drinking water hygiene. Fittings no longer have to be flushed manually, and facility management doesn’t need to worry about whether or not tapping points are being used regularly. Thanks to the SCHELL VITUS Single Control SS Bluetooth®module, all stagnation flushes completed are also logged. So the process can be easily audited at any time. Stagnation flushes as well as other functions such as water flow times can also be set quickly and precisely using an app, which avoids the cumbersome manual programming of each individual fitting. 

Improving cost-effectiveness

Together with the VITUS Bluetooth®module, the VITUS VW-E-T wash basin taps also make operations more economical, reducing the consumption of water both for flushes and as part of day-to-day use: water only flows out of the tap when it is truly needed. This also gives facility management time to concentrate on other aspects of improving the day-to-day running of the hospital as a whole. Hygiene and efficiency go hand in hand with the VITUS tap and VITUS Bluetooth®module. 

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