WALIS E: ideal for cold water and pre-mixed drinking water

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Our taps with infrared sensor generally provide the user with maximum hygiene by virtue of non-contact control. In addition, all SCHELL fittings are designed to be particularly easy to clean – thanks to high-quality chrome surfaces, for instance. Materials suitable for drinking water are used on the inside. What’s more, many of SCHELL’s wash basin taps are equipped with technologies that enable stagnation flushes, thus helping to maintain drinking water hygiene. This minimises the build-up of microorganisms during longer periods of non-use. Thermal disinfection can also be carried out. These advantages are also offered by the electronic SCHELL WALIS E exposed wash basin tap. However, it's not only contact-free and convenient – as an exposed tap, it’s available in three practical outlet lengths. In addition, the WALIS E can be equipped with the SSC Bluetooth®module or integrated into the SCHELL water management system SWS.

The small, affordable flushing station for sinks

During development of the fitting, specific requirements had to be met. In addition to taking into account technical specifications and the characteristics of the specific place of use, numerous elements, such as the battery and solenoid valve, had to be accommodated in the body of the fitting. At the same time, an option had to be provided for both exposed and concealed installation as well as connection from above and below. This not only meant that complex technology had to be fully incorporated into the body of the fitting, but that maximum flexibility also had to be ensured for connecting the fittings. The innovative design had to be compatible in terms of shape, material, production, assembly, strength and recycling. 

What resulted is an ideal solution for cold water and mixed water tapping points – which also works brilliantly as a compact and affordable rinsing station for sinks. Thanks to battery operation, it can be used without extensive electrical work, requires no additional supply line or siphon and takes up significantly less space than flushing stations. The SCHELL WALIS E installation adapter also enables it to be used with exposed pipe installations; it can be combined with a temperature sensor on request. At the same time, it offers virtually the same or even improved flushing performance compared with many standard flushing stations, as by changing the flow regulator, the flow volume can be increased to 10 l/min. Furthermore, WALIS E fully meets the strict requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance. 

Can be integrated into the SCHELL water management system SWS and extended with the SSC Bluetooth®module

WALIS E is compatible with SWS and SSC. This means that the fitting can be parametrised quickly and easily via Single Control SSC using the SSC Bluetooth® app. This is essential for the efficient operation of hygienically safe drinking water installations. And it’s easy to set up settings such as stagnation flushes. As an option, all processes can be logged if the module is permanently installed on the fitting. This is how SSC helps to maintain drinking water quality.

An even more convenient way of operating it, however, is with the  SCHELL water management system SWS. The intelligent system, which centrally controls and programs all electronic fittings in a building, facilitates programming. Settings for stagnation flushes, flow times, etc., can be made conveniently and intuitively on a PC, tablet or smartphone. There are many other options besides, such as programming stagnation flushes to the minute or centrally controlling thermal disinfection. This ensures that drinking water is handled even more efficiently and safely, and that operation is both hygienic and as intended at all times.

Operation is also user-friendly and intuitive, as it’s performed by means of browser-based software on a smartphone or tablet. A particularly practical feature: since the system only requires a few components, it prevents incorrect orders and enables quick commissioning. 

With the  SMART.SWS online service, operating parameters and system functions can be monitored from any location and adjusted even from home, if necessary. SMART.SWS can be operated intuitively on a PC, tablet or smartphone and is quickly installed as plug & play. Needless to say, the data is transmitted in encrypted form. It provides you with information on flushes, temperatures, usage frequencies and a whole lot more, and the evaluation is very easy to understand. The water management system can be accessed via any end device connected to the internet, allowing you to keep an eye on all properties worldwide and to intervene at any time. And with SCHELL SMART.SWS, you can control and increase efficiency and sustainability in a systematic and smart way.

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