Planning meeting for 2023 Industry Day: ITGA NRW meets up at SCHELL 

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The timing could not have been better – as spring got underway in March in Olpe, the Industry Committee from the ITGA NRW met up on SCHELL’s premises here. The Industry Association for Technical Building Services in North Rhine-Westphalia (ITGA NRW) is a network partner for large and mid-sized building services engineering companies in the region. The main focus of the planning meeting was preparing for this year’s Industry Day, a regular event for industry firms that gets delegates up to speed on relevant topics. SCHELL supports the ITGA NRW as a sponsor member.

Ideal conditions for the planning meeting in Olpe

SCHELL invited the Industry Commission to its Sauerland premises for the one-day event, providing everything needed to ensure that association members could be as productive as possible. Breaks were also made more interesting by a tour of SCHELL’s production facilities, for example.

The meeting was held to cover the planning and organisation of the ITGA NRW 2023 Industry Day, marketing activities to raise the profile of the industry, internal association work and the identification of potential options for further training. Another agenda item was a look ahead to the NRW Building Services Day on 21 April 2023, which will focus in particular on industry recruiting and give future trainees an introduction to the professions involved in building services engineering.

Productive preparations for the ITGA NRW 2023 Industry Day

In-depth preparations were required to organise the 2023 Industry Day, whose programme was planned to extend over two full days. This included agreeing on the final selection of prestigious speakers, who would, as in previous years, share their expertise and take part in a Q&A session with delegates about topics relevant for the future of the industry. All association members are invited to attend the ITGA NRW 2023 Industry Day.

ITGA NRW – for technical building service companies

The ITGA NRW is one of eight regional associations that make up the Federal Technical Building Services Industry Association (BTGA). Since its formation in 1911, the ITGA NRW has represented the interests of technical building service companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Association aims to simplify the strategic and operational management of its member companies. To this end, the ITGA NRW stimulates mutual dialogue and offers ideas about working together to shape the future of the industry. The ITGA NRW currently has 54 members and sponsor members, who meet up at regional networking and informational events to discuss industry-specific topics. Highlights in the Association’s annual calendar include the main Association events, such as the Business Forum, the Autumn Congress and the Industry Day.


Thanks to the positive atmosphere on SCHELL’s premises in Olpe, the meeting of the Industry Committee from the ITGA NRW proved to be highly productive. Session participants agreed to schedule the ITGA NRW 2023 Industry Day for September, with a number of leading speakers also being invited to talk to delegates about the future of the industry. The successful session in Olpe also saw the committee talking over marketing activities to raise the industry’s profile and improve its market positioning. The committee also made progress on developing strategies to improve the overall visibility of the industry and discussed support programmes from sponsor members. Participants also agreed a date for their next meetup, with the next session of the Industry Committee from the ITGA NRW now scheduled for June.