Peter Arens at work and play – listen to the interview on SHK digital radio!

2-minute read

In this interview with SHK Radio online, Peter Arens, microbiologist and drinking water hygiene expert at SCHELL, talks about both his work and his personal life. Alongside anecdotes from his school years and his passion for skiing (probably genetic, as someone hailing from the Sauerland), the interview also focuses of course on his main area of expertise: drinking water hygiene.

How to become a microbiologist

His professional career started very differently, however. The decision to attend high school and work towards qualifying for university was made in a pub in Paris. After discovering a passion for biology during those years at high school, he then needed a specific topic to focus on for his degree work. And what could be more appropriate than drinking water hygiene – something that is essential to us all, each and every day? The anecdotes related by Dr Arens in the interview give fascinating insights into this subject – make you don’t miss them by tuning in to our online podcasts!