Perfect for any application: SHK.RADIO investigates special angle valves from SCHELL

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Any time we do an internet search, we ‘google it’. And what about the plumbing industry? “For many of our customers, the name SCHELL is of course synonymous with angle valves,” says Bastian Valbert, Applications Engineer Export at SCHELL. This kind of brand loyalty is real proof of quality. But it’s not just SCHELL’s standard angle valves that are so popular around the world. In a new episode of ‘Erfrischend klar…’ (‘Refreshingly clear…’), Bastian Valbert talks to SHK.RADIO about SCHELL’s top five special angle valves. Go here to listen to the SHK.RADIO web stream.

Special angle valves with Made in Germany quality

Since the installation of the very first SCHELL angle valve, the company has marketed many new developments, although common to them all is their ‘Made in Germany’ brand quality. Clear advantages offered by both the traditional and special angle valves include the double O-ring seal and the SCHELL spindle technology – reports Bastian Valbert. “With a properly regulated angle valve, this spindle can cut water consumption by up to 40 percent without impacting user comfort,” Valbert comments. And the special angle valves from SCHELL offer several extra features. “With more than 65 years of experience and over 200 product variants, we have the right solution for any type of plumbing installation work,” Valbert continues. “SCHELL products can handle any kind of installation conditions – even internationally, where various types of certifications and materials are required.”

Filter angle valve to protect fittings

In this interview with SHK.RADIO host Thomas Gerres, Bastian Valbert provides more details about five types of special angle valve – such as the SCHELL filter angle valve. “Alongside regulating and shut-off functionality, this valve also has a filter that effectively protects the fitting from the damage that can be caused by caused by dirt particles and limestone residues from installation,” he explains. In this way, the special angle valve keeps the fitting running smoothly for a long time. 

Combination angle valve with double connection

The combination angle valves from SCHELL are also very popular. So what functions do they combine, exactly? Bastian Valbert explains: “The SCHELL combination angle valve offers an angle valve as well as an appliance connection fitting in a single unit. This makes it possible to use a wash basin or sink unit at the same time as a dishwasher or washing machine, for example.” 

Angle valve thermostat for anti-scalding protection

One key development in the history of SCHELL’s special angle valves is the angle valve thermostat. Bastian Valbert: “This valve is designed for high-risk installation scenarios and protects users who may have slower reaction times from exposure to dangerously hot water.” The special angle valve does this by limiting the maximum draw-off temperature to a predefined value to prevent scalding injuries. Available with a flexible or rigid pipe set, the angle valve thermostat is easy and convenient to fit, even in confined spaces.

Sampling angle valve for systematic testing 

Another special angle valve is the SCHELL sampling angle valve. This is an important tool when it comes to ensuring compliance with drinking water regulations. In certain kinds of public and commercial drinking water installations, regular microbiological testing for Legionella is required by law. As Valbert explains, SCHELL developed its sampling angle valve to simplify the standardised process of withdrawing water from the system – “so this valve makes it possible to take samples at the right location with minimum effort.” See this post for more information about microbiological testing.

Taking temperatures with the COMFORT PT angle valve

The fifth and last of the special angle valves in the interview is the COMFORT PT angle valve with temperature sensor. “This is where analogue meets digital,” Valbert comments. This regulating angle valve is networked with the SCHELL Water Management System SWS . The temperature sensor integrated into this special angle valve takes water temperature readings for processing in the system. If temperatures reach critical values, then SWS can trigger an automated flush and so support the maintenance of drinking water quality in the building. As Valbert notes, this is only one of many smart digital solutions that SCHELL now provides and will continue to develop more extensively in the future. 

The SHK.RADIO interview offers plenty of other information about these special angle valves. Simply use the Media Library link to listen to the whole show.