New SCHELL product MONTUS Flow WC cistern module for stagnation flushes introduced on SHK.RADIO – take a listen!

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The latest episode of the ‘Erfrischend klar – SCHELL informiert (rund ums Wasser)’ (‘Refreshingly clear – the word on water from SCHELL’) SHK.RADIO show features a brand-new product: the MONTUS Flow cistern module. Dr Oliver Fontaine, Head of Product Management at SCHELL, introduces us to the latest product in the SCHELL portfolio. Thanks to MONTUS Flow, all major tapping points in (semi-)public and commercial facilities now have an option for scheduling stagnation flushes.

Water exchange with MONTUS Flow

The MONTUS Flow cistern module helps to maintain drinking water quality with automatic flushes. And, as Dr Oliver Fontaine explains, “water has to flow!” – in order to reduce the likelihood of harmful bacteria being able to propagate undisturbed in the piping. Automated stagnation flushes with MONTUS Flow can ensure that the necessary exchange of water takes place. In this interview with host Thomas Gerres, Dr Oliver Fontaine also introduces the technical features offered by MONTUS Flow: as one example, the water from automated flushes is routed into the drain pipe to ensure that the fill height in the cistern remains standards-compliant.

Boosting efficiency with SCHELL SWS and MONTUS Flow

MONTUS Flow is naturally kitted out with the right electronics to ensure it integrates perfectly with SCHELL’s SWS Water Management System. SWS makes building operations more efficient and more economical in a number of different ways, as Fontaine’s engaging interview illustrates, neatly summarising the potential savings achievable with SWS in relation to water and energy, plus the automatic logging functionality.

Listen to the new product interview

If you’d like to know more, check out the episode from the SHK.RADIO media library. Alongside more facts and figures about MONTUS Flow and SCHELL SWS, listeners will also find out which new SCHELL product related to MONTUS Flow is due to be launched in autumn 2022. And don’t worry if you happen to have missed the show: just head on over to the SHK.RADIO Media Library and listen to it online.