International Nurses Day – supporting nursing with products from SCHELL

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International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated every year on 12 May. The date was chosen to coincide with the birthday of the English nurse Florence Nightingale, widely considered the founder of modern nursing. The event was inaugurated in 1965 by the International Council of Nurses (ICN), a federation of roughly 130 national nursing associations, which uses IND to highlight and honour the work of everyone engaged in nursing around the world.

Intelligent products and fittings for nursing

SCHELL provides intelligent solutions to help nurses and facility managers at nursing facilities. As one example, products with anti-scalding protection ensure that nursing staff do not need worry about the safety of their charges when using a tap or fitting.

SCHELL’s angle valve thermostat – for anti-scalding protection

The angle valve thermostat from SCHELL introduces reliable anti-scalding protection into buildings with high-risk residents such as retirement homes or hospitals. High temperatures are dangerous for people who cannot respond quickly to sudden dangers. Apart from the immediate risk of damage to the skin from the hot water, the affected individual may also attempt to get out of harm’s way, and may fall or injure themselves. The SCHELL angle valve thermostat minimises these risks by limiting the maximum draw-off temperature – even if the cold water line should fail. The maximum temperature can be set as required. According to DIN EN 806-2, for example, 43 °C would be appropriate.

In addition, SCHELL’s angle valve thermostat also ensures safe drinking water hygiene by supporting thermal disinfection, and its practical design makes it easy to fit even where installation space is at a premium – such as under children’s wash basins in nursery schools, for example.

VITUS taps for better user hygiene

Hand hygiene is an overriding priority in healthcare and help is literally on hand here from SCHELL’s VITUS wash basin tap. Based on only two basic tap bodies, VITUS is available in more than 100 separate variants to suit any application. The contactless self-closing variants offer an important contribution to good user hygiene, because they do not need to be touched after washing the hands, thereby minimising the potential transmission of viruses and bacteria. Models with an infrared sensor, such as the VITUS VW-E-T, can be operated without any contact at all between the user and the tap.

Helping to maintain drinking water hygiene with SWS and SSC

Given the tight schedules typically in place at nursing facilities, integrating digital support for maintaining drinking water hygiene helps to save the time that would otherwise be spent on monitoring the use of fittings. When combined with SCHELL’s VITUS Single Control SSC Bluetooth® module, parameters for electronic VITUS taps can be set so that stagnation flushes take place and are logged automatically at certain times of day. To ensure optimum support for maintaining drinking water hygiene while keeping building operations running smoothly, SCHELL’s Water Management System SWS is recommended for the programming and management of electronic VITUS fittings.

Whichever of SCHELL’s range of versatile solutions is ultimately chosen, it is sure to make the day-to-day work of staff and facility managers at nursing establishments that little bit easier.