Get ready for gardening with frost-resistant outdoor taps

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When the sun is shining and the days grow longer, it’s time for gardeners and nature lovers to get into the garden as it starts to wake up from winter. Anyone wanting to get the gardening year off to a good start will have been careful to install special, frost-proof taps before the cold weather to avoid frost damage. Spring might be in the air, but this can quickly turn into a nightmare if outdoor taps have not been protected: damage from cold and frosty weather often only becomes visible when things thaw out, with dramatic consequences for masonry, insulation and facades. If water damage goes undetected for a long time, the worst-case scenario will require expensive renovations and repairs. Homeowners and housebuilders alike will find the Polar II offers peace of mind for the gardening season: this high-quality outdoor tap from SCHELL offers reliable protection from frost damage and therefore ensures a trouble-free start to spring.

Featuring a rugged, all-metal design, this outdoor tap also has a trick up its sleeve to ensure that no water can freeze inside the tap or pipe: after each use, the inner bleeder valve opens automatically and drains the entire fitting automatically, with air flowing in as a replacement. This effectively prevents any potential damage resulting from burst pipes. Note that the garden hose should be disconnected first, so that the water can drain away. Thanks to its ingenious design, the innovative Polar II is proof against leaf drop, dust and pollen, which do not affect its drainage functionality. Incidentally: if you only use the water from the outdoor tap for the garden, you can save on sewage charges. To qualify, you will need to ensure there is no water drain in the sewage system under the outlet and have your plumber install a tamper-proof water meter.

A high-quality tap for development and retrofit projects

Durable and practical: the high-quality workmanship, featuring a matt chromed finish on the wall bushing plus a protective sheath to prevent contact with masonry, provides optimum anti-corrosion protection for the SCHELL Polar II. The frost-resistant outdoor tap is available as an installation kit for new buildings or as a complete tap for retrofitting to an existing outdoor wall with a masonry thickness of between 20 and 50 centimetres. 

The ergonomic ‘Comfort’ handle ensures make sure that the tap is especially quick and convenient to use. Alternatively, the square-drive top part included in the set can be fitted. Additional protection against unauthorised access and water theft is offered by the optional ‘Secur’ handle.