Get ready for cold winter weather with the POLAR II

3-minute read

The days are getting noticeably shorter and, although there’s still plenty of sunshine around, the end of meteorological summer is now not far away. This is the perfect opportunity to start planning for the winter by taking stock outside. Outdoor tapping points in particular are certainly worth your attention, because they can cause expensive repairs if they freeze and then burst. So it makes sense to always install frost-free outdoor fittings – like the POLAR II from SCHELL. This fitting empties automatically to offer protection from burst pipes due to frost damage all year round.

Intelligent technology for automatic drainage

With the POLAR II installed at outdoor tapping points – on the patio, in the garage or around the garden – there’s no need to worry about draining or shutting them off when winter comes around. This is especially helpful during unexpected spells of frosty weather. As soon as the valve in the fitting is closed, the intelligent internal bleeder mechanism drains off the complete outdoor tap automatically, ensuring that the water it contains can exit properly, to be replaced by air. As a result, no water can freeze in the pipes and cause them to burst in spring. The shut-off mechanism with the bleeder valve is located in the back third of the outside wall and therefore in an area that stays frost-free – i.e. always above zero.

Protection from thieves and tampering

For an added level of security, the tap can also be equipped with a SECUR handle. This ensures that only authorised individuals with the right key can draw off water from the tap. Apart from actual theft, this also stops kids from fooling about with the tap, which could naturally have serious consequences like flooded school playgrounds. Last but not least, the POLAR II is also exceptionally robust and features a vandal-proof, all-metal body.

Simple installation and maintenance

The POLAR II is very easy to install. Equipped with a practical O-ring as a seal for the fitting, this ensures that only the spindle needs to be pulled out for maintenance work. All parts of the fitting are also easily accessible from the outside, which further reduces maintenance effort. Thanks to the legendary SCHELL quality, the POLAR II is also exceptionally durable. Anyone choosing this tap this autumn certainly won’t need to worry about burst pipes for many years to come.