Refreshingly clear – SCHELL live on SHK.RADIO

1-minute read

SCHELL is on air again on SHK.RADIO – the first radio station exclusively focused on the HVAC and plumbing industry. A new episode for the ‘Auf ein Wort’ (‘A word with…’) format provides useful facts and valuable tips from day-to-day practice as part of the long-running series: ‘Erfrischend klar – SCHELL informiert (rund ums Wasser)’ (‘Refreshingly clear – the word on water from SCHELL’).

Topic: recommissioning drinking water installations

At 11 a.m. on Wednesday, 4 August, SHK.RADIO host Thomas Gerres talks to Dr Peter Arens, resident microbiologist and drinking water hygiene specialist at SCHELL, about bringing drinking water installations back into service. What needs to be considered during (and after) the pandemic? How should flushing be carried out? And what about Legionella? All of these questions are answered during the episode. You can listen to the recording on SHK.RADIO online. SHK.RADIO is also available as an app for Android and Apple. Just download and listen in to the next episode of ‘Refreshingly clear – the word on water from SCHELL’.