Appliance connection fittings for home and garden

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SCHELL appliance connection fittings lead the way when you need to ensure the safe and reliable handling of water in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages or gardens. A reliable and durable solution is available here for almost any application.

Advanced sanitary fitting from a company with tradition

For almost 90 years, SCHELL has been a reliable partner to the skilled trades, thanks to its comprehensive know-how in the design and engineering of practical fittings. High-quality basic materials and automated manufacturing processes are what ensures the quality of fittings ‘Made by SCHELL in Germany’. Appliance connection valves from SCHELL are highly functional and technically sophisticated fittings that set the standards for modern sanitary equipment. SCHELL’s portfolio offers the best solution for any installation scenario.

Versatile draw-off valves 

The draw-off valve is frequently used in households to connect up appliances, but is also found on tapping points outside domestic use. The COMFORT draw-off valve from SCHELL is used for the quick and easy connection of household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. The fittings are equipped with an integrated backflow preventer to protect against backsiphonage, and they are also available in a safety combination with a backflow preventer (RV) plus anti-vacuum device (RB) (as per EN 1717).

If only one water connection is present but two outlets are needed, then the COMFORT combination draw-off valve can be used. With this fitting, you can, for example, simultaneously connect a garden hose while keeping the second operating handle open, so that water flows into a sink in the basement, utility room, garage, etc.

Ancillary valves for the subsequent connection of appliances

Auxiliary connection valves are used if appliance connections need to be made subsequently, without the use of an additional, on-site water connection. As one example, a water connection for a washing machine can be created in the basement by installing the wall mixer in combination with the auxiliary connection valve. SCHELL auxiliary connection valves can also be connected to hot water appliances, and are easily installed in the kitchen with other household appliances, such as dishwashers.

Appliance valves for connecting household appliances

SCHELL provides a well thought-out selection of products for connecting up household appliances. The COMFORT combination angle valve offers a useful combination of angle valve and appliance connection valve, for example, which permits the simultaneous use of a wash basin or kitchen tap, and a washing machine or dishwasher.

The filter on the filter combination angle valve handily traps limescale and dirt particles, not only stopping them from reaching the fitting but also protecting any sensitive appliances connected, such as espresso machines.

The space-saving spindle valve with COMFORT handle is designed for connecting up washing machines, dishwashers, etc. in tight situations where space is at a premium. The right product for anyone who wants to save space but not compromise on quality.

In cases where an additional water connection is not available on site, to connect up a dishwasher or washing machine in the kitchen or bathroom, the COMFORT appliance valve can lend a helping hand here, as it allows existing wash basin installations to be directly extended by an appliance connection via the angle valve.

Greater comfort with sink valves from SCHELL

If kitchen unit installations do not provide a separate water connection for the dishwasher, then sink valves can be used, with the water being supplied along the water path from the angle valve to the sink valve. The water inflow to the dishwasher is then conveniently controlled using the sink valve mounted into the work surface. This avoids having to bend down to open or shut off the dishwasher and washing machine, as everything can be done from a standing position.

Extra safety with the lockable SECUR handle

Protects against unauthorised use: The lockable SCHELL SECUR handle is intended for securing water connections in apartment buildings, filling stations, gardens and greenhouses, industrial buildings, sport complexes, vehicle workshops, garages, camping sites and anywhere else where water connections are accessible to the public. The handle also prevents the unauthorised or accidental opening of the fitting in public institutions, nursery schools, doctor’s practices, and residential and care homes.

Frost-free outdoor valves for house and home

SCHELL also has the right solution for outdoor areas: With the frost-resistant POLAR II outdoor tap, frost damage is a thing of the past – each time the valve is closed, the water path through the area at risk of frost is emptied automatically. Optionally, the frost-resistant outdoor tap can also be fitted with a SECUR handle to protect against water theft.

High-quality concealed valves

Helping drinking water hygiene – wherever needed: Concealed valves can be used to shut off individual sections of the drinking water installation. As they are cavity-free, they present no risk for drinking water quality. Concealed valves from SCHELL offer impressive quality that also adds an extra degree of safety wherever they are used. They are available in the dimensions DN 15, 20 and 25.