An instructive ‘training wall’ for students at HTL Jenbach

7-minute read

Anyone attending the Federal Vocational Technical College in Jenbach in Austria is likely to graduate as a mechanical engineer, mechatronics engineer or an energy and building services engineer. This prestigious technical college offers three technical vocational faculties with a range of available specialisms. All programmes emphasise the importance of modern equipment and practical relevance, which is why a special training wall with SCHELL products is now preparing students to face day-to-day tasks in their later careers. In the building itself, SCHELL fittings help to maintain good drinking water hygiene.

Fit for a professional future 

HTL Jenbach was formed back in 1968. Since that time, as Principal Georg Strauss explains, “(…) around 480 students are taught by more than 65 professors each and every year.” For the practical part of their tuition work, these professors have been using a training wall from SCHELL for a while now, which features electronic sanitary fittings such as the VITUS VD-C-T exposed shower fitting or the EDITION E manual WC control, combined with SCHELL’s Water Management System SWS. This wall can be used to vividly illustrate workflows and interconnections. This helps students at the college quickly get to grips with the key aspects of the planning and implementation of (semi-)public buildings, and how the various SCHELL product solutions actually work together in the real world. 

Thermal disinfection on the training wall

The LINUS D-C-T concealed shower fitting is also part of the training wall, where it illustrates how hot and cold water is mixed to an agreeable temperature for the user with its integrated thermostat. In real-world operation, this short route from heating to actual sampling hugely reduces the risk from Legionella. Thermal disinfection offers even more effective protection from Legionella and can be carried out using the LINUS D-C-T concealed shower fitting on the training wall. This creates a flow of water at 70 °C that lasts for a whole five minutes. In real-world operation, this enables the reliable elimination of potential pathogens without the use of chemicals. 

Digital water management with SWS

The training wall also demonstrates the advantages of SCHELL’s Water Management System SWS to students attending HTL Jenbach. Networking all fittings via a wireless and/or wired connection, and offering central control of water volumes, hygiene flushes and thermal disinfections – SWS is also easy to use via PC, tablet or smartphone. This makes the long-term operation of a drinking water installation to the highest hygiene standards in the public, semi-public and commercial sectors straightforward, across all important tapping points. The SWS server is used for the central configuration of fitting parameters. Stagnation flushes are also scheduled and logged via SWS. Thanks to SWS, individual piping sections and shower fittings can be flushed automatically at a high volume flow rate after a previously specified period of non-use: this works to decisively reduce the risk of biofilm formation and Legionella growth in the piping, which is especially important during periodic interruptions to use, such as during holidays. 

Hands-on learning

With this specialised training wall, young and upcoming mechanical engineers, mechatronics engineers or energy and building service engineers can gain insights into the world of SCHELL products during their vocational training. So they become familiar with handling electronic fittings and other innovative system solutions at an early stage. This kind of know-how will be important in these students’ future careers. 

Contactless fittings at HTL Jenbach

As with any educational establishment, the sanitary facilities at HTL Jenbach are used in various ways by many different people, which elevates the risk of contracting an infection. To protect their users, the college therefore decided to install contactless electronic fittings from SCHELL, including the XERIS E-T HD-M, CELIS E HD-M and LINUS W-E-M. Thanks to the infrared sensor electronics, the flow of water is activated without contact, which significantly reduces the potential transmission of bacteria and viruses.