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  • | New “Xeris” washbasin taps series from Schell

    State-of-the-art technology in an appealing design

    Washbasin taps in public and commercial areas are exposed to extreme conditions. Durable materials and perfected technology must not only meet the specific requirements of the location, but the design should also ensure a long service life and increase the sanitary room’s visual appeal. The new “Xeris” series from Schell unites these qualities and, at the same time, still offers a surprisingly diverse range of models. For the first time, Schell has developed “Xeris E-T”, a single-hole tap with a thermostat function for washbasins.

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  • | Expansion of Schell range:

    New control panels for WC flushing cisterns –from minimalist to classic-modern

    WC systems in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary areas are subject to rather high requirements regarding contamination, wasting water and vandalism. Products must be well designed and engineered in this regard, especially flushing installations. Schell will introduce a complete product range of new and technologically advanced WC control panels at the ISH 2017. Combined with a large selection of pertaining Schell concealed flushing cistern systems for wall installation, free-standing wall mounting and wall-mounted installations with 80 x 120 millimetres depth, nearly all applications can be realised and convenience functions met – naturally also in private baths and guest WCs.

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  • | New infrared-controlled wall-mounted washbasin fitting from Schell:

    Hygiene, safety and convenience combined

    Electronic sanitary fittings with thermostat and scalding protection offer maximum hygiene, safety and convenience. Thanks to contactless actuation infection risks from person to person are reduced by up to 80%, which is especially very important in buildings with increased hygienic requirements. In addition, the electronics detects disrupted usage automatically and compensates it by hygiene flushes or according to preset intervals. After all, wherever hot or cold water stagnates in the line, bacterial growth may be much accelerated. This applies even to wall-mounted draw-off taps with only short distances to the drinking water installation.

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  • | Improved series of WC mounting modules completes the range from Schell:

    New cistern solutions for all requirements

    The fitting specialists and complete provider Schell, introduces a significantly improved and extended range of practical mounting modules to the market: “Montus”. They replace the wall-mounted technology at present provided by Schell and complete the Schell range for new construction and modernization. Thus, Schell is the only manufacturer in the German market to provide all components for sanitary installations in heavily frequented public, semi-public and commercial areas from one source. Included are high-quality exposed and concealed flushing systems for WC's and urinals, as well as wash basin and shower fittings that are installed on the wall and concealed – and a special mounting technology that is perfectly attuned to the different solutions.

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  • | Installation Engineering for Professional Sanitary Rooms:

    Versatile Installation for all Schell Areas of Application

    Fittings manufacturer Schell has added to their range of products for professional installation engineering in dry wall and masonry construction. With the new pre-fabricated as-sembly modules, the sanitary specialist now has a complete product assortment with innovative, detailed solutions availa-ble for all public, business and private areas of application and for drawing up plans for accessible sanitary installations. Toilets, urinals, wash basins, shower fittings and other sani-tary articles can be quickly and securely mounted, easily aligned and justified true to dimension with Schell. In line with Schell’s high quality standards, the connections, which are decoupled from structure-borne noise, and mounting points ensure conformance with the strict sound proofing regulations according to ISO 17624 in building construction.

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  • | New wall-mounted wash basin fittings from Schell:

    Hygiene and easy operation at the highest level

    The wall-mounted series “Vitus”, awarded the “Plus X Award” in the categories “Innovation”, “High Quality” and “Functionality” has been specifically developed by the fitting manufacturer Schell for installation on the wall and greater variation. Thus, there is the suitable solution available for every requirement in public, semi-public, commercial and sensitive sectors of application. A total of 42 designs form a range of modern and futuristic fittings for the wash basin, with regard to operability and protection against scalding, possibility for cleaning and disinfection, as well as saving water and energy. This range will be available on time for the ISH 2015.

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  • | More hygiene and sustainability in highly frequented sanitary rooms:

    New self-closing wash basin fitting from Schell conforms to WELL and LEED criteria

    The durable “Petit SC” from the fitting manufacturer Schell is one of the smallest wash basin fittings with self-closing function. Up to present it was only available as cold water fitting. A new version is available for the ISH 2015: As self-closing mixed water fitting for small to medium sized wash basins, the “Petit SC HD-M” is suitable for the increased requirements in public and commercial sanitary areas. In addition, this fitting conforms to the WELL and LEED requirement criteria for sustainability and, thus, assists architects, designers and investors in successfully certifying buildings. Hereby, the European WELL efficiency label identifies the energy and water-saving sanitary fittings. The LEED label classifies public buildings that are erected as ‘Green Buildings‘.

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  • CELIS E from SCHELL.

    This compact model, designed by Vistapark, will win you over with its perfectly balanced proportions.

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  • Modus - the new compact range for wash basin facilities

    Quality without compromises.

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  • Wider choice, more functionality, ultimate hygiene

    New contact-free WC electronics and new design control panels by Schell:

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