Concealed shower LINUS D-C-T
Mixed water, ThermoProtect thermostat
Article number
For WBD-E-T concealed masterbox. Triggering via CVD-Touch electronics with automatic closing. Optional battery or mains operation. Suitable for networking with the SCHELL SWS water management system. Configurable via SCHELL Single Control SSC.

Scope of delivery

  • Front panel
    • Operating button for thermostat with push sleeve, temperature setting unlockable/lockable at 38 °C
    • CVD-Touch electronics, programmable, IP65 protection against low-pressure water jets
  • Installation frame
  • Fastening material

Delivery data

  • Weight: 1,88 kg/Piece
  • Packing unit: 1

Technical data

  • Setting options via SWS SSC
    • Actuation force (soft/medium/hard)
    • Manual programming (off/on)
    • Max. flow time (1-950 s)
    • Stagnation flush (off/1-1000 s, every 1-250 h after last flush/every 1-250 h)
    • Actuation timeout (off/1-255 s, timeout 1-2000 min)
  • Setting options via manual programming
    • Max. flow time (4-120 s, 10 program stages)
    • Stagnation flush (off/20 s, every 24 h)
  • Material: Actuation Brass; Front panel Stainless steel
  • Surface: Actuation Chrome; Front panel Brushed stainless steel
  • Dimensions front plate: w 173 mm x h 281 mm x d 11.5 mm
  • Protection class: IP65 (CVD touch electronics)
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SWS Water Management System,
Single Control SSC
Self-closing electronic
Thermostat (incl. scald protection),
Mixed water
Stagnation flush,
Therm. disinfection
Energy supply
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Battery mode
Stainless steel